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N417   16" Black Leather Cord Necklace with Silver Clasp
N418   18" Black Leather Cord Necklace with Silver Clasp
N120   18" Stainless Steel Multiple Strand Black Cable Necklace
N1139   20" Stainless Steel Rope Chain Necklace
N129   20" Sterling Silver Cable Necklace
E180   Alexandrite Sterling Silver Stud Earrings June Birthstone
B15   Amber and Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet
E12   Amber Earrings Set in Sterling Silver
E114   Amber Oval Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
N19   Amber Pendant Necklace
E117   Amber Round Silver Stud Earrings
E116   Amber Silver Celtic Knot Drop Earrings
P13   Amber Silver Cross Pendant
E14   Amber Silver Drop Earrings
E118   Amber Square Silver Stud Earrings
E115   Amber Sterling Silver Chandelier Drop Earrings
E111   Amber Sterling Silver Curved Drop Earrings
E110   Amber Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
E112   Amber Sterling Silver Fairy Drop Earrings
E113   Amber Twisted Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
N421   American Black Satin 18" Necklace with Sterling Silver Clasp
B151   Amethyst Cuff Bracelet
P121   Amethyst Drusy Sterling Silver Pendant
E147   Amethyst Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
E150   Amethyst Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
E18   Amethyst Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
E179   Amethyst Sterling Silver Stud Earrings February Birthstone
N1246   Ancient Roman Glass and Sterling Silver Cross Necklace
P193   Ancient Roman Glass Star of David Sterling Silver Pendant
N1247   Ancient Roman Glass Sterling Silver Cross Necklace
N1253   Ancient Roman Glass Sterling Silver Star of David Necklace
N334   Antique Brass Crystal Key Coin Pendant Necklace
P386   Antiqued Brass Designed Pendant
P383   Antiqued Brass Mesh Ring Pendant
N374   Antiqued Brass Skeleton Key Necklace
P327   Antiqued Brass Telescope Pendant
B3107   Antiqued Bronze Turquoise Bead Bangle Cuff Bracelet
N331   Antiqued Distressed Brass with Crystal Pendant Necklace
N240   Antiqued Gold Multiple Strand Necklace with Pearl and Crystal
N333   Antiqued Metal Vintage Chandelier Crystal Necklace
P182   Antiqued Silver Filigree Heart Pendant
P385   Antiqued, Brass, Filigree Design Pendant
SA25   Aqua Blue Costume Necklace & Earring Set
E177   Aquamarine Sterling Silver Stud Earrings March Birthstone 9mm
P16   Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Pendant
P110   Baltic Amber Heart Pendant
P141   Banded Agate, Drusy, Onyx, Mother of Pearl and Lip Shell Sterling Silver Pendant
B393   Bangle Bracelet Geometric Brass
B1100   Bangle Bracelet with Silver and Blue Enamel
N3107   Bead Lace Feather Stone Crystal Collage Necklace
B566   Beaded Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Leopard Skin Jasper
B570   Beaded Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Stone Multicolor
B567   Beaded Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Tourmalated Quartz
B568   Beaded Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Turquoise Magnasite
B565   Beaded Bracelet Czech Glass Blue Leopard Skin Jasper
B569   Beaded Bracelet Czech Glass Turquoise Magnasite
B557   Beaded Bracelet Murano Glass Red Square
B6104   Beaded Bracelet Wood Silver Black Tan Elastic
N515   Beaded Native American Style Arrowhead Choker Necklace
N511   Beaded Tribal Choker Necklace
N512   Beaded Tribal Choker Necklace
N513   Beaded Tribal Choker Necklace
N514   Beaded Tribal Choker Necklace
P166   Black & White Cat Vintage-Style Retro Pendant
N1101   Black Bead Crystal Silver Long Chain Necklace
E166   Black Crystal Drop Bling Earrings
N188   Black Crystal White Gold Choker Bib Necklace
n528   Black Freshwater Pearl Necklace
N4172   Black Leather 16" Cord Necklace
N4173   Black Leather 20" Cord Necklace
B47   Black Leather and Stainless Steel Bracelet
P152   Black Onyx and Opal Geometric Teardrop Sterling Silver Pendant
E164   Black Onyx and Opal Sterling Silver Stud Earring
E163   Black Onyx Opal Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
N427   Black Pearl Choker Necklace with Black Rubber Cord
N425   Black Pearls on Black Leather Choker Necklace
N4125   Black Rubber 16" Cord Sterling Silver 925 Clasp Necklace
N4124   Black Rubber 18" Plain Cord SS 925 Clasp Necklace
N4129   Black Rubber 20" 925 SS Clasp
NA285   Black Vintage Style Bead and Charm Necklace
P114   Blue Drusy Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant
R110   Blue Lapis Oxidized Silver and Gold Plated Ring
B12   Blue Larimar Triple Stone Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
N4167   Blue Leather 18" Cord Necklace
N4166   Blue Leather 20" Cord Necklace
N4171   Blue Leather Cord Necklace 16"
P148   Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver Cross Pendant
S16   Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver Cross Pendant/Earring Set
E181   Blue Topaz Cube Sterling Silver Stud Earrings 3mm
E156   Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
E17   Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
N1121   Blue, Black and Silver Geometric Bead Double Strand Necklace
N4155   Blue, Green and Gold Silk 36" Ribbon Necklace
P163   Boston Terrier Vintage-Style Retro Pendant
B692   Bracelet Beaded Purple Silver Flower Hearts Cuff
B412   Bracelet Black Leather and Stainless Steel
B49   Bracelet Black Leather and Stainless Steel
B434   Bracelet Black Leather Large Crystal Silver
B46   Bracelet Braided Black Leather Bracelet with Pearls
B48   Bracelet Braided Black Leather with Pearl
B419   Bracelet Brown Braided Leather and Stainless Steel
B410   Bracelet Brown Braided Leather Freshwater Pearl
B411   Bracelet Brown Leather With Freshwater Pearls
B418   Bracelet Brown Leather & Sterling Silver
B417   Bracelet Brown Leather Black Bead &Stainless Steel Bead
B415   Bracelet Brown Leather Stainless Steel
B123   Bracelet Chunky Topaz Crystal Black Leather
B562   Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Aventurine
B564   Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Aventurine Amethyst
B561   Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Lapis Lazuli
B560   Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Leopard Skin Jasper Magnetic Clasp
B563   Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Semi-precious Stone
B559   Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Tiger Eye
B558   Bracelet Czech Glass Quartz Crystal Bead
B453   Bracelet Leather Antique Key Feather Cuff
B656   Bracelet Multicolor Seashell Stretch Fit
B1194   Brass & Wood Bangle Bracelet
BA129   Brass Bangle Cuff Bracelet
N3199   Brass Beads, Brown Leather 24" Necklace
N3207   Brass Chain Amber Bead Bib Necklace
N3192   Brass Chain Bronze Leather Necklace
N3112   Brass Chain Feather Leather Bird Bead Necklace
N32   Brass Chain Feather Leather Bird Bead Necklace
N3183   Brass Chain Navy Mesh Ribbon Flower Pendant Necklace
N3212   Brass Chain, Bone and Blue Bead Necklace
N3211   Brass Chain, Bone and Brown Bead Necklace
N3210   Brass Chain, Pearl and Gold Tone Charm Bib Necklace
N3209   Brass Chain, Pearl Sapphire Pendant Bib Necklace
N3157   Brass Crystal Triple Chain Bib Necklace
N3188   Brass Dark Blue and Gold Bead Multi-Strand Necklace
n3190   Brass Grey Bead Wood Clasp Necklace
P328   Brass Mini Hourglass-Antiqued Pendant
N3208   Brass Multi-Strand Chain with Black and Bone Bead Bib Necklace
N3204   Brass Necklace with Blue, Gold, White, Purple Charms
N3205   Brass Ornament Charcoal Leather Black Bead Necklace
N3201   Brass Pearl Gold Red Bead Silk Ribbon Necklace
N3200   Brass Pearl Raspberry Medallion Bead Ribbon Necklace
N3187   Brass Silver Gold Bone Bead Bib Necklace
N3189   Brass Turquoise Bead Mulit-Strand Necklace with Wood Clasp
N3202   Brass, Pearl, Brown Pendant, Silk Ribbon 32" Necklace
N3198   Bronze Leather Brass Amber Pearl Bead Bib Necklace
N3193   Bronze Leather Cord Bib Necklace with Brass Rings
B3109   Bronzed Filigree Dragonfly Indonesian Cuff Bracelet
B416   Brown Braided Leather & Stainless Steel Bracelet
N147   Brown Cord Necklace with Silver and Crystals
N1186   Brown Leather and Silver Bead Necklace
N36   Brown Rope Charm Bead Necklace
N180   Brown Shell Beaded Necklace
P118   Chalcedony Drusy Silver Pendant
B121   Chalcedony Drusy Sterling Silver Bracelet
N1120   Champagne Bead Crystal Faux Fur Brass Bib Necklace
N190   Champagne Crystal Pink Pearl Silver Beaded Double Necklace
N17   Champagne Faux Pearls Crystal Double Strand Silver Necklace
N3197   Charcoal Leather Brass Ring Black Ribbon Bib Necklace
N3108   Charm Necklace Leaf Feather Bird Beads
N563   Chinese Turquoise Beaded Necklace
B131   Chunky Crystals On Black Leather Bracelet
B149   Chunky, Oblong Design Silver Cuff Bracelet
E122   Clear Crystal 3 Drop Post Earrings
B179   Clear Crystal Elastic Bling Bracelet
E119   Clear Cut Glass Silver Drop Earrings
B127   Contemporary Black Leather and Silver Bracelet
BA131   Copper & Wood Bangle Bracelet
B3101   Copper Bangle Bracelet with Scroll Work
P165   Cowboy on Horse Vintage-Style Retro Pendant
B186   Cross and Four Leaf Clover Charm Bracelet Featuring Two-Tone Stainless Steel and Gold
N1141   Cross Link Stainless Steel Chain Necklace 24"
P180   Cross Print Shadow Box Pendant
N195   Crystal and Pearl Beads on Silver Multi-Strand Necklace
B122   Crystal and Silver Multi-Chain Bling Cuff Bracelet
E170   Crystal Bead Double Drop Earrings
N1104   Crystal Flower Oxidized Silver Chain Choker Necklace
P125   Crystal Glitter Heart Shadow Box Pendant
N15   Crystal Silver Chain Bib Necklace
E121   Crystal Silver Hoop Earrings
E126   Crystal Teardrop and Round Drop Earrings
P162   Cubic Zirconia and White Gold Bonded Cross Pendant
E178   Cubic Zirconia Heart Sterling Silver Post Earrings
P137   Cubic Zirconia Lacy Silver Cross Pendant
P136   Cubic Zirconia Rolled Silver Cross Pendant
P140   Cubic Zirconia Silver Ankh Pendant
P139   Cubic Zirconia Silver Cross Pendant
B3110   Cuff Bracelet Antique Style Copper Multi-Strand
B389   Cuff Bracelet Brass Multi-Strand
B388   Cuff Bracelet Brass Silver Copper Striped
B390   Cuff Bracelet Copper Silver Brass Striped
B655   Cuff Bracelet Cream Seashell Stretch Fit
B691   Cuff Bracelet Silver Beaded Purple Hearts Flower
B654   Cuff Bracelet Varigated Cream Chunky Bead
N684   Czech Glass Bead Multi Stone Multi Strand Necklace
P181   Dachshund Vintage-Style Pendant
B152   Dark Amethyst Cuff Bracelet Set in Rhodium
B181   Dark Ruby Colored Beaded Vintage-Look Silver Bracelet with Attached Ring
N145   Dark Topaz Flower Pendant with Fringe on Brown Leather Necklace
B1116   Dendritic Opal Abalone Drusy Purple Topaz Agate Bracelet
P132   Dendritic Opal, Black Onyx and Pearl Pendant
N1102   Double Strand Silver Chain Blue Bead Necklace
P168   Dragonfly Vintage-Style Pendant
P134   Drusy Citrine and Smoky Topaz Silver Pendant
AA3   Feather Hair Clip/Brooch

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