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N3115   Feather Stone Bird Bow Leaf Brass Bib Necklace
N157   Fine Sterling Silver Amber Necklace
N1118   Flower, Chocolate, Feather, Leopard, Butterfly Charm Bib Necklace
N1109   Flowers Charms Coins Crystal Multi Chain Necklace
P135   Fossil Stone Pearl Garnet Silver Pendant
N3176   Four Leaf Clover Keepsake Pendant Necklace
B124   Four Silver Bangle Bracelets
SA24   Fuchsia Pink Costume Necklace and Earrings
E157   Garnet Sterling Silver Double Drop Earrings
E148   Garnet Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
E151   Garnet Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
E176   Garnet Sterling Silver Stud Earrings January Birthstone
N437   Glass Vial of Pearls with Crystal Crown Pendant Necklace
P126   Glitter Heart Silver Red Shadow Box Pendant
N294   Gold and Crystal Fleur De Lis Flower Choker Necklace
N335   Gold Cross Multi-Charm Saint Pendant Collage Necklace
B284   Gold Flower and Pearl Elastic Bracelet With Attached Ring
N3206   Gold Leather Brass Copper Bead Bib Necklace
N232   Gold Pearl Amber Bead Vintage Clock Collage Necklace
N171   Gold Swarovski Teardrop Rhodium Pendant Necklace
B238   Gold Vermeil Smoky Topaz Colored Crystal Bangle Bracelet
N197   Gold, Pearl and Crystal Bead Necklace on a Quadruple Chain
N146   Gray Antiqued Chain Ribbon Crystal Bib Necklace
N1185   Gray Leather and Silver Bead Modern Necklace
P11   Green Amber Pendant in Sterling Silver
B11   Green Amber Silver Cuff Bracelet
E16   Green Amber Silver Post Drop Earrings
E11   Green Amber Vintage Style Silver Post Earrings
E149   Green Amethyst Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
P112   Green Baltic Amber and Silver Cross Pendant
P113   Green Baltic Amber Pendant in Silver Setting with Leaf Design
N1106   Green Crystal Bead Pendant Double Strand Long Necklace
N168   Green Swarovski Teardrop Pendant Rhodium Necklace
E143   Green Turquoise Coral Onyx Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
E144   Green Turquoise Coral Onyx Sterling Silver Post Earrings
P144   Green Turquoise, Onyx, Coral and Sterling Silver Cross Pendant
S14   Hammered Silver Bracelet and Drop Earrings
E139   Hammered Silver Oval Drop Pendant Earrings
B139   Hammered Silver Oval Link Bracelet with Charm Medallion
B142   Hammered Silver Oval Solid Link Chain Braceling
N575   Handcrafted Murano Glass Beads and Pendant Necklace
N162   Handcrafted Twisted Silver Wire and Bead Pendant Necklace
N161   Handmade Twisted Silver Pendant Necklace with Beads
BA128   Hearts of Charm Bangle Bracelet
B144   Industrial Silver Cuff Bracelet
N316   Italian Black Brass Tubular Mesh Necklace
R17   Italian Cubic Zirconia, Silver, Amethyst, Ruby Ring
N6232   Kingman Turquoise & Conch Shell African Cross Pendant Necklace
N6225   Kingman Turquoise Bead Sterling Silver Cross Necklace
N6226   Kingman Turquoise Coral Conch Lapis Tibetan Health & Long Life Pendant
N6224   Kingman Turquoise Coral Copal Tibetan Pendant Necklace
B1115   Kingman Turquoise Dendritic Opal Sapphire Rainbow Topaz Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
N6228   Kingman Turquoise Spiny Oyster Black Onyx Sterling Silver Cross Pendant Necklace
E155   Labradorite Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
P169   Ladybug Vintage-Inspired Pendant
E142   Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver Heart Earrings
E15   Large Amber Silver Drop Earrings
P117   Large Amethyst Sterling Silver Pendant
N258   Large Chalcedony Pendant Necklace
N1119   Large Crystal Heart Pearl Bib Necklace
N1255   Large Roman Glass Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
E13   Larimar drop earrings
R11   Larimar Sterling Silver Ring Western Style
P18   Larimar Western Silver Pendant
N4165   Lavender Choker Cord 16" Necklace
N4169   Lavender Leather 18" Cord Necklace
N4170   Lavender Leather 20" Cord Necklace
N189   Long White Gold Bonded Chain Necklace with Cubic Zirconia
BA123   Matte Gold Bangle with Cubic Zirconia
P138   Medium Cubic Zirconia Silver Cross Pendant
P15   Modern Amber & Silver Pendant
B146   Modern Silver Cuff Bracelet
B147   Modern Silver Cuff Bracelet
B148   Modern Style Silver Cuff Bracelet with Elastic Fit
P133   Moss Agate Quartz Silver Pendant
B183   Mulit-Colored Crystal Bead Bracelet
B1105   Multi-Color Rhinestone Flowers Silver Cuff Bracelet
B182   Multi-Colored Crystal Beaded Bracelet
N3114   Multi-Strand Bird Topaz Bead Necklace
N144   Multi-Strand Silver Necklace with Topaz Beads
N153   Multiple Link Rhodium "Y" Necklace with Swarovski Crystals
NA280   Murano Fused Glass Pendant Necklace
NA281   Murano Fused Glass Pendant Necklace
NA282   Murano Fused Glass Pendant Necklace
N577   Murano Glass and Crystal Beaded Necklace
AC112   Murano Glass Jewelry Dish
N576   Murano Glass, Gold Bead, Handmade Pendant Necklace
N665   Mutiple Medallion, Silver, Industrial Necklace
N1111   Oblong Crystal Ring Pendants Chain Necklace
N1233   Ocean Jasper Adjustable Choker Necklace
P150   Opal, Black Onyx, Turquoise and Sterling Silver Cross Pendant
P111   Ornate Amber & Silver Pendant with Contemporary Leaf Design
B13   Ornate Baltic Amber and Silver Cuff Bracelet
P12   Ornate Green-Gold Baltic Amber Pendant with Grapes and Leaves
P14   Ornate Silver and Baltic Amber Pendant
N191   Oxidized Silver and Crystal "Y" Necklace
N199   Oxidized Silver Crystal Teardrop "Y" Necklace
N198   Oxidized Silver Smoky Crystal Flower "Y" Necklace
N1100   Oxidized Silver Smoky Crystal Teardrop Necklace
N139   Pearl and Crystal Charm Silver Bib Necklace
N422   Pearl Lariat "Y" Necklace with Sterling Silver Clasp
N18   Pearl Onyx Silver Drop Pendant Necklace
E129   Pearls Crystal Silver Dangle Earrings
P123   Pendant Amethyst Drusy Sterling Silver
p384   Pendant Antiqued Brass Perfume Bottle
P124   Pendant Silicon Crystal Sterling Silver
E19   Peridot Amethyst Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
E175   Peridot Heart with Sterling Silver Stud Earrings August Birthstone
E152   Peridot Sterling Silver Drop Pendant Earrings
E153   Peridot Sterling Silver Drop Pendant Earrings
R12   Persian Green Stone with Oxidized Silver and Crystal Chips, Ring Size 7 7/8
n1248   Petite Roman Glass Sterling Silver Cross Necklace
P131   Pilot Mountain Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant
P116   Pink Drusy Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant
N423   Pink Pearls on Black Rubber Lariat Necklace
B192   Purple Beaded Silver Wire Cuff Bracelet with Flower
R19   Purple Cubic Zirconia Set in Copper Butterfly Ring
N1235   Purple Jasper Multiple Stone Modern Bib Necklace
N170   Purple Swarovski Teardrop Rhodium Pendant Necklace
P167   Racing Horses Retro, Vintage-Style Pendant
N1178   Real Four Leaf Clover Celtic Sterling Silver Cross Necklace
N3175   Real Four Leaf Clover Heart Locket Pendant Necklace
N1177   Real Four Leaf Clover Sterling Silver Cross Pendant Necklace
R15   Red Stone and Pearls Sterling Silver Ring Size 7 1/2
N167   Red Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant with Silver Necklace
N169   Red Swarovski Teardrop Pendant Rhodium Chain Necklace
R16   Red, Green and Clear Cubic Zirconia Ring Set in Gold and Sterling Silver
B2102   Red, White and Blue Gold and Enamel Bangle Bracelet
N148   Rhodium Plated Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Cylinder Pendants
N149   Rhodium Plated Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Teardrop Pendant
S110   Roman Glass and Roman Coin Necklace and Earrings Set
E196   Roman Glass Earrings
N1257   Roman Glass Green Star of David Necklace
n1254   Roman Glass Hamsa Amulet Necklace
n1244   Roman Glass Necklace
P119   Rose Amethyst Silver Pendant
BA127   Rose Gold Cable Bracelet with Round Gold Accents
BA125   Rose Gold Cable Bracelet with Silver Accents
BA126   Rose Gold Cable Bracelet with Sparkling Gold Twist
NA283   Rose Gold, Cubic Zirconia, Side Cross Necklace
E154   Rose Quartz and Amethyst Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
P120   Rose Quartz in Sterling Silver Pendant
N410   Rose Quartz Necklace on Black Cord Necklace
R13   Rose Quartz, Black Onyx and Sterling Silver Ring
P212   Rutile in Quartz Gold Wire-wrapped Pendant
P192   Sapphire Rhodium and Gold Modern Cross Pendant
B125   Silver Antique-Style Cuff Bracelet with Crystal Flowers
BA130   Silver Bangle Cuff Bracelet with Small Bells
B140   Silver Bead Bracelet with Medallion Clasp
N1110   Silver Bead Crystal Ring Multiple Chain Necklace
E138   Silver Bead Drop Earrings
N160   Silver Bead Necklace with Medallion Clasp
S13   Silver Bead Necklace, Earrings, Ring, Bracelet Set
R18   Silver Bead Stretch Ring
B143   Silver Beaded Bracelet
N13   Silver Black Pearl Crystal Bead Double Chain Necklace
N185   Silver Chain 15.5" Necklace
B135   Silver Chain Mesh Bracelet with Crystal Flowers
N142   Silver Chain with Crystal Pendants
N138   Silver Charm Crystal and Pearl Necklace
N143   Silver Cross Necklace with Crystals, Beads and Multiple Chains
B150   Silver Cuff Bracelet - Modern Style, Elastic Fit
B197   Silver Cuff Bracelet Multi-Strand
B128   Silver Cuff Bracelet With Crystals
E128   Silver Curl Crystal Earrings
N1122   Silver Geometric Beads with Amber Beads Necklace
N196   Silver Gold Tone Crystal Bead Necklace
E140   Silver Industrial Medallion Drop Earrings
B130   Silver Mesh Bracelet with Large Round Crystals
B126   Silver Mesh Cuff Bracelet with Topaz Crystals
B1108   Silver Multi-Strand Cuff Bracelet
B195   Silver Multi-Strand Cuff Bracelet
B1112   Silver Multi-Strand Stacked Cuff Bracelet
N141   Silver Necklace with Large Silver Leaf, Flower, Bead and Turquoise Charms
N1113   Silver Necklace with Tassels and Crystals
B141   Silver Ornate Bracelet with Charm
B145   Silver Ornate Cuff Bangle Bracelet
E146   Silver Shell Fan Earrings
N136   Silver Turquoise Crosses Bead Collage Necklace
NA284   Silver, Cubic Zirconia, Side Cross Necklace
P287   Silver, Gold, Crystal, Vintage-Style Cross Pendant
N565   Silver, Multiple Medallion, Chain Necklace
N426   Single White Pearl Choker Necklace
N182   Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beaded Necklace
N183   Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beaded Necklace
SA26   Smokey Black Costume Necklace & Earrings
E168   Smokey Black Crystal Bead Heart Drop Earrings
E167   Smokey Bling Reflective Bead Hoop Earrings
E123   Smokey Crystal Heart Silver Pendant Earrings
E124   Smokey Crystal Teardrop Earrings
E125   Smokey Crystal Teardrop Flower Drop Earrings
E127   Smokey Glass and Flower Drop
B132   Smoky and Clear Crystal Cuff Bracelet
E169   Smoky Bling Bead Spiral Drop Earrings
B176   Smoky Blue and Clear Crystal Bracelet
B178   Smoky Crystal Beaded Bracelet
B177   Smoky Crystal Beaded Elastic Bracelet
B180   Smoky Crystal Bracelet with Ring Attached "Braceling"
N1105   Smoky Crystal Heart Choker Necklace
N192   Smoky Crystal Oxidized Silver Choker "Y" Necklace

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