Banded Agate, Drusy, Onyx, Mother of Pearl and Lip Shell Sterling Silver Pendant

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This is a beautiful piece that we adore. The pendant is sterling silver banded agate with a large vein of drusy. The baile is onyx, mother of pearl and lip shell.

Clean lines, excellent craftsmanship, and a neutral palette serve this pendant well. It will compliment many styles from southwestern to modern with ease.
One of a kind item.

This price includes pendant only.

Product Features

Banded agate
Mother of pearl
Lip shellOnyxSterling SilverHandcrafted

Technical Specs

Pendant 2"x 1 5/8"
Pendant length 3 7/8" including baile

More Information


Onyx is believed to bestow power upon the wearer. It rallies power and makes the mind lucid.
It is believed to alleviate sadness and depression.


Agate stone is believed to improve concentration and intellectual function as well as provide balance and eradicating negativity. It promotesgood fortune and charity.
Agate is used to help heal the stomach, eyes and skin diseases.