Beaded Bracelet Czech Glass Turquoise Magnasite

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Such a lovely combination of blues and greens in this beaded bracelet. Czech glass beads, and turquoise magnasite all come together for a fresh spring/summer feel.
The magnetic clasp is so easy to use. No fuss at all. A very pretty casual bracelet.

Product Features

Czech Glass beads
Turquoise Magnasite
Magnetic clasp

Technical Specs

Length 7 1/4"

More Information

Metaphysical properties of magnasite
Magnasite is a type of honesty stone as it helps one discover truths, particularly subliminal truths pertaining to self deception. It is a powerful massage and relaxing stone and aids in deep meditation.
Magnasite is thought to aid in alleviating headaches, pains of the lower back, cramps, and upset stomach among other maladies.