Blue Topaz Cube Sterling Silver Stud Earrings 3mm

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It's hip to be square! These perfectly formed blue topaz cubes are held in place by sterling silver and put on display for all to see and admire. 

Blue topaz is a December birthstone, but everyone loves and is able to wear it. It is perfect with jeans but will step right up and fit into a dressy situation.

Product Features

Blue topaz
Sterling silver

Technical Specs

3mm square

More Information


Topaz fosters honesty and amnesty and brings joy. It is a stone of affection. Topaz helps ease tension, and promote relaxation.
It is sometimes known as the writer’s stone as it aids in the dissemination of ideas and thoughts.
In healing, topaz is used for eating disorders and calming nervousness.


Aids in communicating lucidly, brings wisdom and balance, and is a birthstone for December.