Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Semi-precious Stone

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This bracelet beautifully blends Czech beads of crystal glass, cherry quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, aventurine, and citrine. This delightful and soft mix of colors can compliment so many different outfits. It works from casual to dressy and is sure to become a go-to piece.
The magnetic clasp is a thoughtful touch for ease of use.

Product Features

Czech beads
Magnetic clasp

Technical Specs

7" length
1" width

More Information


Amethyst is a stone typically used to guard against insomnia, drunkenness, and promote a sober consciousness.
It is used by healers to focus their energy as they treat blood, breathing, and heart problems, among many other maladies.


Metaphysical and healing powers
Aventurine appears in yellow, green, red, and blue.
This stone is purported to be a stone of good fortune and helps the carrier with games of chance. It is a mental healer, balances emotions, and aids in creativity.
It is used to treat problems with sight, and emotions among other things.