Fossil Stone Pearl Garnet Silver Pendant

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Handcrafted pendant featuring a large fossil stone surrounded by embossed sterling silver with pearls and garnets and a baile embellished by a garnet and pearl. The silver design gives a vintage vibe, and the fossil design has a slightly modern look, so the pendant is easy to war with all sorts of great styles. Casual or dressy, it will fit right in.

Product Features

Fossil stone
Sterling silver

Technical Specs

Fossil Stone 1 1/2" x 1"
Length from top of baile to bottom of pendant 3"

More Information


Pearls are thought to center the wearer and bring calmness. They represent and promote belief, obedience, and honesty.
Pearls are used to treat disorders of the skin, muscles, and digestive system.


Fossil stone believed to be an aid in business and industry as it promotes creativity within the sphere of business.
Fossil stone is used to help treat disorders of the bones and promote stamina and balance.


Garnet is a symbol of companionship and is believed to promote success, energy, passion, meditation, and fend off evil.
As a healing stone, it is used primarily for diseases relating to the blood, lungs, and spleen.