Glass Vial of Pearls with Crystal Crown Pendant Necklace

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Pretty gold topped glass vial has clear crystals galore on a royal crown with a small cross on top. The vial is 1/3 filled with pearls and hangs on a feminine ribbon of brown silk.
What an attractive combination. The ribbon is about 40" long so you can wear it long or double it up for a shorter look. It is casual and very chic.

Product Features

Silk Ribbon
Gold Crown
Pearls (June Birthstone)
Glass Vial

Technical Specs

40" length

More Information


Quartz is thought to be the most powerful healing crystal. It is thought to amplify healing energy. It is used to remove pain, headaches, dizziness, and kidney disease. It aids with self-esteem and creates positive emotional energies and increases intuition.


Pearls are thought to center the wearer and bring calmness. They represent and promote belief, obedience, and honesty. Pearls are used to treat disorders of the skin, muscles, and digestive system.