Green Amber Silver Cuff Bracelet

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Green amber sterling silver cuff bracelet boasts a plethora of amazing inclusion bursts. Every angle shows off a different array of colors. Stunning in an elegant yet exotic manner, this contemporary design will be a versatile and cherished piece. Can be dressed up or worn as casual daily wear. No matter what the outfit, it will fit.

Product Features

Certified Baltic Green Amber
Beautiful inclusions
Sterling silver cuff bracelet
Every piece individually hand-crafted by European designers
Unique design

Technical Specs

Approximate dimensions of amber:
Length - 1.5"
Width - 1"

More Information


Amber is a healer and cleanser. It helps promote vitality by absorbing negative energy.
It is considered a natural antibiotic.
Amber is warm to the touch and rubbing it will produce negative ions that help ease pain.