Rose Quartz and Amethyst Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

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Rose quartz and amethyst drop earrings in sterling silver feature a very simple and pretty design that you will love. Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for February.

Product Features

Rose QuartzSterling Silver

Technical Specs

1 1/4" drop
1/4" width

More Information


Rose quartz, also known as the Love Stone, is believed to open the heart to love and intensify love. It promotes compassion and kindness, healing emotional traumas a reducing tension.
It is used to help heal the heart, blood, migraines, kidney disease, and aid in weight loss among other applications.


Amethyst is a stone typically used to guard against insomnia, drunkenness, and promote a sober consciousness.
This stone is used by healers to focus energy as they treat blood, breathing, and heart problems in addition to many other maladies.