Tibetan Turquoise in Sterling Silver Flower Pendant

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Pretty pendant of turquoise and sterling silver , designed and handcrafted in Tibet. The artist added an eye-catching large leaf and flower below the baile. Tibetan turquoise is mined in the Himalayas and is beloved for it's beautiful hues and markings.
This darling pendant will nicely accent almost any style and fit in on any occasion, casual, dressy, trendy, western, or boho.

Pendant sold separately.

Product Features

Tibetan turquoise
Sterling silver

Technical Specs

Lenth 1 1/2" (not including baile)
Width 1/2"

More Information


Among other properties, turquoise is said to remove negativity, pacify opposing forces, and initiate peace in the family.
Turquoise is helpful in the healing of the heart, fright, and nervous anxiety.