Turquoise Opal Silver Post Earrings

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Pretty post earrings feature turquoise with opal and sterling silver inlay. Sterling silver hexagonal design surrounds and complements the color palette. Beautiful handcrafted studs are unique, no two are exactly alike. The western design has a modern vibe and will be great with so many looks.

Product Features

Sterling silver

Technical Specs

1/4" hexagon

More Information


Among other properties, turquoise is said to remove negativity, pacify opposing forces, and initiate peace in the family.
Turquoise is helpful in the healing of the heart, fright, and nervous anxiety.


Opal is a mystical stone that engenders and amplifies the second sight (sixth sense). It sets one free of shyness andinsecurityandopensup the ability to be happy and spontaneous.
Opal is used to help treat blood disorders such as diabetes, relieves fever and PMS.