Beaded Bracelet Czech Glass Bead Turquoise Magnasite

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Beautiful warm amber Czech Glass beads are combined with turquoise magnasite and bronze beads to create a wonderfully rich palette for this bracelet. It stars alone and may be easily stacked with other favorites. Casual or dressy you will love the feel and look, along with the easy to use magnetic clasp.

Product Features

Czech Glass beads
Turquoise Magnasite
Magnetic Clasp

Technical Specs

Lenth 7 1/8"

Width 1"

More Information

Metaphysical properties of magnasite
Magnasite is a type of honesty stone as it helps one discover truths, particularly subliminal truths pertaining to self deception. It is a powerful massage and relaxing stone. Magnasite is thought to aid in alleviating headaches, pains of the lower back, cramps, and upset stomach among other maladies.