Black Onyx and Opal Geometric Teardrop Sterling Silver Pendant

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Pendant handcrafted with sterling silver featuring black onyx inlaid with sterling silver and glimmering opal. Each pendant is one of a kind and special. Delicate work in a pretty palette assures this will be a treasured piece. The vibe is western, but the linear design opens up the possibilities.

This price includes pendant only.

Product Features

Back OnyxSterling Silver

Technical Specs

Pendant 1 1/4" x 1/2" (not including baile)

More Information


Onyx is believed to bestow power upon the wearer. It rallies power and makes the mind lucid.
It is believed to alleviate sadness and depression.


Opal is a mystical stone that engenders and amplifies the second sight (sixth sense). It sets one free of shyness and insecurity and opensup the ability to be happy and spontaneous.
Opal is used to help treat blood disorders such as diabetes, relieves fever, and PMS.