Black Onyx and Opal Sterling Silver Stud Earring

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These stud earrings feature shimmering opal set off by deep and mysterious black onyx. Nestled in sterling silver hexagons that create both a modern and a western vibe, this pair is sure to be an all-time favorite for a multitude of occasions.Opal is the traditional birthstone of October.

Product Features

Black Onyc
OpalSterling Silver

Technical Specs

1/4" hexagon

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Onyx is believed to bestow power upon the wearer. It rallies power and makes the mind lucid.
It is believed to alleviate sadness and depression.


Opal is a mystical stone that engenders and amplifies the second sight (sixth sense). It sets one free of shyness and insecurityandopensup the ability to be happy and spontaneous.
Opal is used to help treat blood disorders such as diabetes, relieves fever, and PMS.