Green Turquoise Coral Onyx Sterling Silver Post Earrings

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This marvelous, handcrafted combination of green turquoise, coral, and onyx in sterling silver makes for two darling stud earrings. They go from casual to business casual and are sure to be a favorite.

We have a beautiful cross pendant (P144) by the same artist to mix for a wonderful set.

Product Features

Green Turquoise
Sterling Silver

Technical Specs

Dimensions 1/2" x 1/2"

More Information


Among other properties, turquoise is said to remove negativity, pacify opposing forces, and initiate peace in the family.
Turquoise is helpful in the healing of the heart, fright, and nervous anxiety.


Onyx is believed to bestow power upon the wearer. It rallies power and makes the mind lucid.
It is believed to alleviate sadness and depression.


Is thought to ward off evil, warfare and arguments, and aid in reducing financial debt.
It is believed to aid in the cure of blood related diseases, fever, coughs and colds