Moss Agate Quartz Silver Pendant

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Silver fill pendant of stunning and translucent moss agate with quartz embellishments. Gorgeous modern design and a pretty palette of serene green will make this a go-to piece.
Sillver fill : Sterling silver over brass. 100 times thicker than silver plated, it contains a minimum of 1/10, or 10% by weight, sterling silver. Looks and acts like sterling silver with a bit less tarnishing and an easier clean-up.

This price includes pendant only.

Product Features

Moss agate
Silver fill

Technical Specs

pendant 2 1/4" x 1" not including baile

More Information


Moss agate engenders a feeling of self worth. It promotes balance and good communication in relationships between people andplentifulness in life.
In healing, moss agate helps strengthen the immune system, relieve fever, infection, and clean the blood. It also contains the healingqualities of agate for aiding in healing of the stomach, and chalcedony for healing high blood pressure.


Green quartz contains the healing properties of quartz and is also known to engender the creative process and promote wealth.
In healing, it is used to help stabilize the hormonal system.


Quartz is a powerful stone often used in conjunction with other stones to increase their powers.
Quartz is a balancer and equalizes the body, mind, and soul. It promotes psychic harmony.
As a healing stone, quartz is said to decontaminate the organs.