Rose Quartz, Black Onyx and Sterling Silver Ring

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Rose quartz of considerable size and impact is surrounded by luscious black onyx, sterling silver and gold and makes for a ring of effect and influence. Still, there is a feminine and innocent quality that we just love. Wear this when you want to be noticed. It will compliment endless looks and occasions.

Product Features

Rose Quartz
Sterling Silver

Technical Specs

Size 6 1/2
1 1/2" x 1 1/8"stone and onyx

More Information


Quartz is a powerful stone often used in conjunction with other stones to increase their powers.
Quartz is a balancer and equalizes the body, mind, and soul. It promotes psychic harmony.
As a healing stone, quartz is said to decontaminate the organs.


Rose quartz, also known as the Love Stone, is believed to open the heart to love and intensify love. It promotes compassion and kindness, healing emotional traumas a reducing tension.
It is used to help heal the heart, blood, migraines, kidney disease, and aid in weight loss among other applications.


Onyx is believed to bestow power upon the wearer. It rallies power and makes the mind lucid.
It is believed to alleviate sadness and depression.